The Gannon and Benjamin Affect

ROVH has opened doors for me in almost all ports.  She is glorious while not being pretentious.  I have been warmed by the hospitality of many people over the globe thanks to the passion I have to know them and the fact that ROVH invites people to dream.  I'm not going to try to put my finger on it but there is something connective coming from Ross Gannon and Nat Benjamin and being part of this narrative has been icing on an already spectacular adventure.  

ROVH detailed

She easily sleeps 9 and is really fun with 4, or 3, or 2, and sometimes just one.  Me.  The Galley is easy to use and I often cook for my friends as they are mesmerized by the sailing up on deck.  

The ice box can take a block of ice and has refrigeration.  I generally balance the two together for long voyages.  

There are beautiful drawers and closets for storage.  

The bilge is mostly dry with many redundant pumps in the case of water coming in.  There are two electric bilge pumps, a manual gusher, and an engine intake crash pump.  

The Yanmar Diesel has been recently serviced and practically rebuilt.  The same goes for the holding tanks.  

Cushions are in great shape and minimal and lovely.  

I'm reminded of sailing off Bermuda with good wind and a large following sea.  There were three friends singing in the cockpit as ROVH sped down the waves, I noted someone was asleep in the doghouse after their watch and two friends were oblivious to the noise on deck, nestled in the salon reading - the almost silent gurgle and rush of water over the thick wood hull in the background.  Family and friends safely at sea and loving it.

Maintained for the Adventure

Every year I make sure to go through my work list with great sub contractors. Why?  Because I am an adventurer and I want the boat to be all she can be when I am pulling into a foreign bay, in the fog, or offshore in weather for three plus days. I just returned to the USA from  a 5 week trip to Nova Scotia and having all systems working was a joy and the things that failed or need improvement are now on this Winter's work list.

ROVH is in better shape than ever.  Because I care about safety at sea and the ability to do short handed sailing I keep her in great shape.  






5 years ago we reefed out all the seams on the deck and hull and reset all the cotton.  Since I was going to sail around the world I wanted the boat to be in prime condition.  And she still is.  


The sails are not new and they are not worn out.  Really, I have been pondering, more voyage or more race for the next set...  Until I know what is next for ROVH it's been best to continue to sail these ones.  Having recently won a first with these sails I feel they are not slowing ROVH down.  

We added a roller furler jib off the bowsprit and a new fisherman from Sperry sails, both work well.  

I'll add all the lines are only 5 years old.  

Rocna Anchor

The Rocna anchor on a custom bronze roller off the bowsprit is amazing.  Having used it for years I feel at ease when I go to sleep.  This is one of the best parts of ROVH's kit.  

B&G Zeus

Our chart plotter and instruments are of racing caliber.  There is a deployable touch screen for the cockpit when you really have to have electronics at your fingertips.  At this point this seems to be used less and less but has been reliable for radar in the fog and at night to navigate through shipping traffic.  

We also have a fantastic autopilot from Simrad.  I have been known to take ROVH for multi day excursions solo and "auto" has made a great mate.  

Black and Grey Water

ROVH has two heads, one with a shower, a Galley, and a deck hand shower - all with hot and cold taps.  Basically it is all new and working well.  

These is also a salt water tap for a hose on deck, great for cleaning the anchor.  And salt water in the Galley.  


I like to think ROVH has a touch of 007 in her.  With her new electrical system, loaded with a large  lithium bank of batteries.  She can sail for days without any petrol support.  Most voyages require some motoring and at those times the batteries top off thanks to a great alternator.  I rarely feel like "it's time to make the donuts."  

We designed a solar array that snaps onto our at anchor shade awning.  The design is to provide enough juice for us to top off our batteries at the rate that we would need to make fresh water without using the diesel.  

One of my favorite Bond moments is opening the lazaret hatch behind the cockpit to lace the sailing with music.  It seems days can go by without this touch and then when it's switch on the glow of being alive to music as ROVH glides or charges between bays unites.

Hidden behind a cabinet is a satellite connected handset for calls and data, something I honestly have lost interest in, rarely considering it - I guess the sailing and freedom has been my focus.  However, once we did fire up the system well outside of Bermuda to research a storm and Gulf Stream convergence.  All data at our fingertips.  All I can say - we successfully navigated the current in a storm 24 hours later.