I like to think ROVH has a touch of 007 in her.  With her new electrical system, loaded with a large  lithium bank of batteries.  She can sail for days without any petrol support.  Most voyages require some motoring and at those times the batteries top off thanks to a great alternator.  I rarely feel like "it's time to make the donuts."  

We designed a solar array that snaps onto our at anchor shade awning.  The design is to provide enough juice for us to top off our batteries at the rate that we would need to make fresh water without using the diesel.  

One of my favorite Bond moments is opening the lazaret hatch behind the cockpit to lace the sailing with music.  It seems days can go by without this touch and then when it's switch on the glow of being alive to music as ROVH glides or charges between bays unites.

Hidden behind a cabinet is a satellite connected handset for calls and data, something I honestly have lost interest in, rarely considering it - I guess the sailing and freedom has been my focus.  However, once we did fire up the system well outside of Bermuda to research a storm and Gulf Stream convergence.  All data at our fingertips.  All I can say - we successfully navigated the current in a storm 24 hours later.