ROVH detailed

She easily sleeps 9 and is really fun with 4, or 3, or 2, and sometimes just one.  Me.  The Galley is easy to use and I often cook for my friends as they are mesmerized by the sailing up on deck.  

The ice box can take a block of ice and has refrigeration.  I generally balance the two together for long voyages.  

There are beautiful drawers and closets for storage.  

The bilge is mostly dry with many redundant pumps in the case of water coming in.  There are two electric bilge pumps, a manual gusher, and an engine intake crash pump.  

The Yanmar Diesel has been recently serviced and practically rebuilt.  The same goes for the holding tanks.  

Cushions are in great shape and minimal and lovely.  

I'm reminded of sailing off Bermuda with good wind and a large following sea.  There were three friends singing in the cockpit as ROVH sped down the waves, I noted someone was asleep in the doghouse after their watch and two friends were oblivious to the noise on deck, nestled in the salon reading - the almost silent gurgle and rush of water over the thick wood hull in the background.  Family and friends safely at sea and loving it.